4 Easy Ways to Maintain Blonde Hair

4 Easy Ways to Maintain Blonde Hair

4 Easy Ways to Maintain Blonde Hair

Colouring our hair may be fun and all of that, but caring for it not so much. The blonder your hair is, the more care it requires. It can sometimes feel like a big hassle. Mainly because improper care for your recently dyed blonde hair could lead to colour fading away sooner than you think.

If you want to keep your blonde shade there are some steps you have to take to ensure your colour is locked in for a good period of time. The natural world around you full of water, sunlight and air could make your hair super brassy and damage it more than you would like to know if you fail to maintain it. Here are a few ways to help out your hair and keep it healthy and blonde:

1.      Hydration is Key

Colouring your hair blonde could sometimes involve the damaging process of bleaching which can dry out hair quicker than you take your next breath! This process can strip off any oils on the cuticles that are meant to be there for hydration and could make the hair extremely brittle and dry.

Which is why it is vital to do regular hair masks, use hydrating hair oils and do deep hair treatments to lock in moisture into your hair to reduce damage and restore the hair. In addition, using the right conditioners and shampoos is important to keep the hair hydrated and make your colour last longer. You can find Milkshake’s famous purple shampoo here in Australia at a reasonable price to keep your hair happy and hydrated.

2.      Avoid the Heat

Try to stay away from drying out your hair using a blow-dryer or using a straightener. As dryness is part and parcel of the side effects of having blonde hair, using heat along with a chemical process is not going to help you out. It’s just going to increase the level of dryness and make your hair more brittle than before. This can dull the shine of hair considerably as well. So, step away from hair heating devices for as much as you can!

3.      End with the Cold

Don’t wet your hair too much. You can take frequent body showers, but try to take showers that involve wetting your hair less often. This will help in producing oils that can help in nourishing the hair. Ensure to finish off your shower with a cold wash to your hair and it will give off a beautiful shine!

4.      Use the Right Oils

Oils are known to be one of the most popular ways to bring nourishment to your hair. But what most are unaware of is that oil can make blonde hair look unattractively greasy. Especially if the individual has not used the correct proportion of oil.

Be extra careful when using oils with yellow tints as it can leave a stain on your blonde mane, mainly if it has been dyed in a platinum blonde colour. You do not want to ruin your new blonde hair in the process of trying to maintain it.

Keep your new blonde locks on for a longer time by utilizing these tips.