Making The Perfect Cup of Tea

Making The Perfect Cup of Tea

Making The Perfect Cup of Tea

When I think of anything tea related, I think of someone breathing in the aroma of a steaming cup of tea with satisfied smile on their face. This might be purely for advertising purposes but that is more or less how drinking a cup of tea should feel, pleasant, satisfying and over all just soothing.

Tea can be enjoyed in many ways starting with whether it is hot or cold, a strong or light brew and obviously the preferred flavour. Each tea drinker has their own way on how they like their cup of tea but each has a way that makes it the best cup of tea you can have. Here are ways in which to make your cup of tea the perfect cup regardless of how you like to drink it.

The right amount of water

Adding the right amount of water is one of the biggest reasons your cup of tea can be great or terrible. There is nothing worse than a watery cup of tea so the right amount of water is absolutely crucial. If you like to drink your tea with milk and sugar these two components matter as well.

The best way to maximize the infused tea is to let it brew in a cup of hot water. Add about ¾ of the cup and let the tea bags or leaves brew in for a minimum of 2 minutes depending on how strong or light you like it to be. Then add the milk and sugar accordingly.

The blend

The number of blends for tea are endless. Ranging from different countries, geographical locations and weather temperatures tea blends vary for a number of reasons. Among the usual tea leaf blends fruit teas have grown in popularity too. Many people prefer the taste and mix of fruits such as peach, lime, mint and lavender into their tea. These can be considered recreational teas that are enjoyed at any time of day and are a comforting drink.

What are you enjoying it with?

Most tea experts would tell you that including milk or even sugar with your tea is the number 1 way to ruining the tea drinking experience. Although that maybe true from a tea drinkers’ point of view at the of the day we all just want to simply enjoy what we are drinking. So, if it does involve sugar so what?

However, you can also enjoy a plain cup of tea with some other treats. A typical English breakfast calls for a steaming cup of Earl Grey or for a tea party you can enjoy a cup of flavoured tea with the typical tea time snacks of sweets and savories. Drinking tea is all about the experience created and the feeling of satisfaction afterwards. Let no one tell you how to drink your cup of tea as it is a pleasure of its own. Drink as many as you like and never feel guilty about the cups enjoyed.