What’s Good for Pre and Post Workout Meals?

What’s Good for Pre and Post Workout Meals?

What’s Good for Pre and Post Workout Meals?

Exercising is extremely important for not only losing weight but also maintaining our health, so we don’t develop other health conditions. Exercise lifts our mood and keeps us fit and strong. But are you aware that you should have a little meal before and after you work out? What kinds of foods are good to eat before your workout and after it?

Before exercising

It is advised to eat a little snack thirty minutes before your workout to give you energy. Therefore, foods with carbohydrates and proteins are important to consume. Some are fruits such as bananas. Fruits are a natural source of energy and sugar, but bananas are good if you don’t have time for digestion and they produce good energy for workouts. 

Some are yoghurt (unsweetened ones for a better effect). Yoghurt is a good source of energy and carbohydrates and it has fluids important for your workout. You can add some cut fruits into the mix to make it healthier as well.

Another is oatmeal or whole grains. Whole grains pack a lot of carbohydrates that can be turned into energy, releasing it slowly into your bloodstream. Whole grains include brown rice, whole-grain bread, oroatmeal. Although whole grains take longer to digest than yoghurt or a simple banana so you should plan ahead and plan to have some around one hour before you exercise. Likewise, gluten free oat flour biscuits with less sugar also make for great snacks before and during workout to keep your energy levels up.

It is also important to remember to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout. Instead of suddenly consuming a lot of water right before your workout session, make sure to drink water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. Energy drinks are also good, but most contain high sugar, whereas coconut water might be a healthier alternative to energy drinks. When you exercise you sweat and tend to lose a lot of fluids easily, which is why staying hydrated is as equally important as eating well.


Once you finish your workout, you should have a small snack to restock the energy you lost during exercise. This is not to say you can start eating fast food and a lot of sugars because that would just defeat the point of you working out. But you should eat smart. First, replenish the fluids you lost by drinking water or juices or coconut water even.

You will need to refuel on carbohydrates and proteins to help repair your tired muscles. Some good carbohydrate sources are crackers and biscuits, oatmeal (or just combine both and have oat biscuits), fruits, whole grain foods. Protein sources can come as eggs, chicken, Greek yoghurt or even a protein shake. A salad might be a good option as it will include a lot of these carb and protein options (eggs, chicken, greens), add an avocado in for some healthy fats.

No matter what you choose, it is important to eat well before and after a workout according to your tastes. Although this is just a general guide to what you can eat, for more information and details it is best to reach out to a dietician.