Different Ways to Straighten Hair

Different Ways to Straighten Hair

Different Ways to Straighten Hair

Some ladies are blessed with beautiful silky straight hair. If you have that frizzy or wavy hair and want to achieve that smooth straight hair, there are plenty of ways you could choose from. Heat treatments are the most popular because of its speed and efficiency in giving the desired results. Here are some of the most effective ways to achieve the straight hair you’ve been looking for.

Hair Iron

Hair ironing is not a long-term hair straightening treatment but it is the fastest and easiest way to get straight hair in just a few minutes. If you want your hair to be perfectly straight before an event or party, using a hair iron is one of the best hair straighteners you could try. When straightening your hair using an iron, be sure that it is completely dry and always use a heat-protecting hair spray to prevent hair from getting brittle and damaged.


If you have wavy or thick hair, hair rebonding is one of the most effective ways to tame those curls and achieve straight hair. Hair rebonding uses chemicals to straighten wavy hair. It uses a relaxant that breaks the natural structure of the hair and re-bonds it into a straighter structure using a neutralizer. Since it involves chemicals, hair rebonding can make the hair fragile. This procedure is only recommended to be done once in a while to avoid causing severe damage to hair.

Brazilian Straightening

Brazilian straightening or keratin treatment is becoming a popular trend nowadays in straightening hair. It is one of the safest methods in straightening hair unlike the older ones. This technique uses keratin to coat each hair strand, nourishing it and giving it a smoother and straighter look.

When the keratin is applied into the hair, it will be sealed into the hair shafts using a hair iron to create a barrier in each strand. Keratin treatments can be done repeatedly since it doesn’t damage the hair. It even gives better results with repeated treatments. Results can actually last for about 6 months but you can repeat treatment even after just a few months.

Japanese Straightening

Japanese straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning uses the combination of heat and chemicals to achieve smooth and straight hair. As the name states, it alters the natural structure of the hair with the use of chemicals and heat. After loosening the hair protein bonds using chemicals, it will then be reshaped into a straighter structure using heat.

Japanese straightening requires about 8 hours to be done and you also need to go back to the salon after a few days to finalize the treatment. However, the results are definitely worth the wait and surely lasts for a long time. Because of the methods used in this hair straightening technique, it should only be done a few times to avoid severe damage to the hair.

With all those different ways to straighten hair, you can surely find one that suits your preference and needs perfectly.